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"Beauty is pain." It's a familiar adage to American women, and nowhere is it more evident than in our feet! With a few exceptions, we accept that there is a negative correlation between style and comfort of footwear, and we have to choose between the two or somehow find a middle ground.

Enter Aloncii, bringing you access to bespoke footwear at the click of a mouse (or tap of an iPhone). You'll also find a line of handbags and accessories, all made in the United States. We're currently in test phase, but stay tuned for the upcoming launch.

Trust Vino

If you're a wine aficionado, you've probably tried a really excellent new chardonnay at dinner one night, asked for the name and vintage, and found yourself at a wine shop with no recollection of either. Trust Vino tracks wines you've loved and where you tried them, shares your discoveries with your friends, and shows you recommendations from tastemakers in your social circle and beyond. Join our beta testers to try it first. A product of the Startup Bus.